The Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers

Our simple origins.

In the summer of 1986, Brisc Rubal convinced several of his close friends to invest in a little-known tech company at the time, called Apple. After several stock splits and a tech boom, the several hundred million
dollars they all made was invested in a plot of land in rural north east Pennsylvania that up to this point had been a dairy farm.

Over the years, Brisc Rubal and the investment group of Millpucky, Piercing, Big Bill The Boss, Merkelchen and Kalkin84 turned this
farm into a small cottage industry of Goat and Alpaca products in addition to the continued dairy production.

A modest farm had grown, with all the products being sold via local farmers markets or donated to school districts.

The team partnered early with Bobs Trading Post to make Ice Cream which was one of our most popular items sold online via AOL’s first online grocery store and has been a county fair favorite in Allegheny, Fayette, Westmoreland and Cambria County fairs.

From Farm, to Mission.

In 2000 after seeing Joe Painter’s Girlfriends mom called a slut by a baptist preacher for having a child at the age of 20 and out of wedlock, Brisc Rubal and his team converted about 8 acres of the farm into a hostel for young unwed mothers, partnering with the regional YWCA to provide a live in shelter and job training via the farms agriculture and commercial interests which eventually morphed into The Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers.

We offer young women who since the dawn of man have been judged by the patriarchy as “hoes, whores, and loose women” a chance to give a middle finger to those who judge them by raising their children in a safe, farm environment while
they gain valuable business and marketing skills.

As of 2021, BRHHUM has helped empower thousands of local single mothers with career and trade training, stable employment and free childcare. This allows them to flourish.

Not content to let success flounder, Brisc Rubal and the BRHHUM Board of Directors has set their sights on opening up a sister farm in Wimberly TX, led by the BRHHUM Director of Dairy
Operations, Klavas. This farm is set to open in 2024.

Who is Brisc Rubal?

Brisc Rubal serves humbly both as the President and CEO of BRHHUM and as a father. Deciding longevity was key to this mission, and figuring that video games and VR would be a method of outreach for
future and allow us to morph the concept into a digital platform; he led BRHHUM into the MMO arena around early 2004.

Never wanting to pass up and opportunity to better the world around him be it analog or digital, Brisc Rubal has served with distinction on multiple EVE Online CSM panels and pre COVID-19 made an effort to attend as
many fan fests as he could to reach out to the player base.

The Future of BRHHUM is bright!

BRHHUM‘s efforts in digital gaming, media and education exploration have born fruit as 2024 will see the launch of our Wimberly TX sister farm to our Kane PA Headquarters, and in 2025 will see the launch a VR theme
park on a soon to be launched revamp of Second Life. This will leverage Augmented Reality headsets for park visitors, and those at home via Occulus Rift’s, allowing BRHHUM visitors to explore the farms and fend of
The Evil Olmeca as he battles our hero, Paramount Piercing for control of the BRHHUM Theme park, which can be visited in Second Life II.

2025 will see the launch of the BRHHUM STEM Program. This will allow our Single Mothers to receive accredited education in STEM majors via partnerships formed via  KarmaFleet Univesity Dean Broodin and several regional community colleges.

Global Leadership

Brisc Rubal – Chief Executive Officer.

Mrs Brisc Rubal – Chief Brand Officer.

Merkelchen – Chief Operating Officer.

Johnny Candles – Chief Financial Officer.

Innominate – Chief Technology Officer.

Klavas – Director of Dairy Operations, never appearing on stream.

Kalkin84 – Director of Political Affairs.

Issabella – Director of Legal Affairs.

Paro Shano – Director of Human Resources.

Pari Shana – Director of Inhuman Resources.

Tachypnea Starhop – Executive Vice President of Wee Woo, Zap Zap and Bandaids.

Mark Resurrectus – Executive Senior Vice President of Donut, Worm & Ass, Holes eviction.

Miza Severasse – Executive Vice President of getting shot in the funny bone while rescuing a supermodel from an angry hot pink luchador mask wearing man at Subway while wielding a Cold Cut Combo as a sword.

Grath Telkin – Director of Ice Cream Sales and Marketing.

Sarin – Director of Print Media.

Srsli – Director of Digital Media.

Aidana Forwell – Vice President of YouTube Marketing.

Angry Mustache – Executive Vice President of Beeps.

Messiah ZZZZ – Vice President of not reading discord channels and then pinging Dark Shines.

Jessica McDaniel – Vice President of winning an EVE Character in a divorce settlement.

Senpai Veneficus – Senior Director of the Naughty and Nice List.

q Hakoke – Senior Director of Textiles, Underwear, and Color Design.

DomanarK–  Senior Vice President of Being Liked by the Entirety of New Eden except Brisc Rubal apparently.

Chloridane – Assistant Regional Vice President of Internal Affairs, Externally

Jim Gonzo – Senior Vice President of Bringing “The Smoke”.

El Bee Leblanc – Senior Director of Mustache Wax and Beardsmanship.

Trensar Karalain – Chad Level Donor

Shaun I – Director of Multiboxing and Client Services

Shaun II – Director of Multiboxing and Client Services

Shaun III – Director of Multiboxing and Client Services

Shaun IV – Director of Multiboxing and Client Services

Tono DuVallete – Vice President of Surface to Heir Projectiles

Trougott – Director of Logistic Ship Flying and winner of 2023’s “WakingTea’s Winners” award.

Key Orion – Senior Liason to Talking in Stations and Vice President of News Paper Swatting.

Carlos Warren – Winner of the “Smallest Penis in New Eden” 2008-2023

Regional Leadership

Toni Delancor – Director of TunaFleet, Seattle

Broodin – Director of BRHHUM STEM Program, Texas

HyprViper1 – Director of Theme Park Operations, Kansas

Ceema – Vice President of Skeeball Operations, Pennsylvania

Atanashi Anahk – Senior Vice President of Bumper Cars and Ice Cream Cakes, Delve

Jac Dracon – Executive Director of Blaming Brisc Rubal – Jabber

Ewok Captricious – Vice President of Blastlance Tessella Bothering – Etherium Reach