Friends of KarmaFleet

Nate, the Hibachi Chef

Weaknesses: Long Island Ice Tea, butter, food safety.

Strengths: Try Hard

Rob, The Best Boudior Buy Guy

Weaknesses: Brisc Rubal’s Camera and Microphone’s. Soliciting photo shoots.

Strengths: #3 Warranty Salesman in District 109 from 2017-2019

Debbie from Mind1’s Club

Weaknesses: Getting shots paid for by SnS Members

Strengths: Popov Vodka, PhD in Rocket Propulsion

2016 Holiday Inn Brony Con EDM Rave Crowd

Unofficial LARP Army of Goonswarm

Strengths: Faith in Pony’s

Weaknesses: The FBI

Gabby, Nurse from Las Vegas

Undisputed Queen of Las Vegas Bee’s

Strengths: Alcohol Tolerance

Weakness: Believes that Brisc Rubal is a senator.

Xylr from Smiles Support

Winner of the 2012 Most Karen Chicken Sandwich Order

Super Strengths: Never orders steak at Outback Steakhouse

Strengths: Third Party trolled KarmaFleet into getting involved in a Wormhole War between Snyde and Lazerhawsk

Weakness: Boomer Sandwhich, D-Scan Sig Radius

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