Yoda was wrong – A Treatise on Can vs Can’t

In a postmodern American Society, we as a collected but divided tribe of misfits descended from tax dodgers and preindustrial revolution anarchists often fling the words “Can” and “Can’t” around at each other as if they were bullets. Aimed at the hearts of our foes to discourage, or used as permissive but only if what could would align with our own sense of should.

“They can’t do this because of X” or “They can’t do that because of Y”.   We Twitter and Post as if our opinion is biblical but Henry Ford rebukes us from the past as he was fond of saying “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

While we can certainly look back at Henry Ford as a flawed man with a penchant for influencing society with his wealth in the form of his Ford English School, one thing we know for sure is the quote of his should dispel any myth of Can or Can’t as assigned by any other.

By birth, we hold the right to forge our own destiny, to discard the Can’s or Can’ts of others. Our ability to do or do not as Yoda would say, is destiny manifest. While he would warn us that there is no try, there is no do without try. You can’t, until you try.

No truer American Example of this would be Hellen Keller. In 1881 month old child, she lost her vision and hearing during an extended illness. Not one hundred years earlier, her parents may have just left her on the back porch for the wolves to take away, but they felt they could raise this child, despite the persistent chants of “Can’t” from their neighbors and pastor.

 Courtesy of her parents’ ability to try, and to can, she grew up and eventually helped Anne Sullivan develop a method of fingerspelling and the use of braille to travel the world, a total of 25 countries to raise awareness of Blind and Deaf plight.

Granted later in life she became a radical supporter of eugenics, as would happen to any child accidentally dropped on their head before the age of 5, she did not let her lack of vision and hearing stop her. She is the epitome of Can, in contrast to society at the time who told her she could not.

Her courage and tenacity inspired the Wright brothers to build the first functional airplane and using her sense of Can, defied gravity and recorded the first heavier than air aircraft flight on December 17th 1903.

Courtesy of Hellen Keller’s Can, The Wright Brothers kicked off an age of Flight Exploration that was the precursor to space flight 58 years later by Alan Shepard.

Hellen Kellers family was told that she should not, Hellen Keller was often told she can’t, but the Kellers defied the can’t and instead could. This led to a storied history of Can’s that continued today when KarmaFleet’s own Dark Hawk got out of his chair and cooked himself some Taco’s. His body tired, his mind exhausted but his stomach determined. What was a Can’t became a TaCoAN.

So if somebody walks up to you and says “hey fuck you, you can’t do that” consider for a moment their goals. Is that person really trying to stop you from paying $1900 for a stolen jet ski so that you can blast around Lake Erie like a pirate king, because you really can’t, or are they just afraid of trying.

We can conclude that Yoda should go screw his green self. How else CAN we but try. It’s our American Prerogative.

Get up off your ass and go do CAN.

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