What would Vipers Fang Crendraven Do for a Klondike Bar

Vipers Fang is a former army mechanic who’s parents were lactose intolerant. He never got ice cream as a kid, and rarely got while deployed in the military. As such he is a stern supporter of your right to Ice Cream, even forming Vipers Fang Daddy Time to allow single mom’s the time they need to enjoy ice cream without their kids shouting and screaming.

So these are the things he’d do, for a Klondike Bar

Ride a Llama 20 miles to the nearest gas station during a thunderstorm

Vipers Fang was once woken up by a sobbing child who was afraid of the thunder and lightning of the storm overhead the BRHHUM Ranch. The child cried out for a Klondike Bar but nobody was willing to brave the rain. Except Vipers Fang! He went out to the paddock, and got on his favorite Llama Steven’s and fighting the wind, the rain, the lightning strikes and eventually made it to the gas station down the freeway where he purchased a 6 pack of them and shielding them in a cooler filled with Dry Ice, rode the 20 miles back and threw that kid an Thunderstorm Icecream Party where Shikamaru dressed up like Spongebob Squarepants to dance away the lightning.

Bought a retired Ice Cream Drivers truck just to deliver the bars to his neighborhood

Vipers Fang once found out through a Next Door App post that his local Ice Cream Truck driver was retiring. Vipers immediately gave notice at his job selling AAA Car Insurance and used all the money in his 401K to buy a warehouse, walk in fridge, and over 5k in Ice Cream products including Klondike bars as well as the guys truck. He now spends all day driving a route around his town, delivering Ice Cream Delight to adults and kids alike.

Rented a helicopter and a Santa Suit to skydive into a remote town in Canada to deliver Klondike Bars

Vipers Fang has a warehouse of Klondike Bars and will not hesitate to use them. In the summer of 2019, a family in a rural village in Canada suffering from it’s worst heat wave on record called Vipers Fang Klondike HotLine Number ( 719-266-2837 ) and Vipers Fang rented a helicopter, a parachute, and proceeded single highhandedly fly 2000 miles to deliver the bars by jumping out of the helicopter that was autopilot all the while dressed like Santa Claus.

“HO, HO, HO” he shouted as he floated to the ground. “HAVE SOME KLONDIKE BARS!” he encouraged, and began throwing them out of his giant red sack to the growing crowd below.

Only one person was injured due to Klondike Bar Collisions.

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