Things you’ll find in KarmaFleet

  • Merkelchen and his bearded shirtless visage. A site for sore eyes, and single moms nationwide.
  • Joe Painter, who strikes fear in the hearts of Cross Fit clubbers and the 4 PM -6:30 PM Shift at Planet Fitness.
  • Freddy the goddamn wonder dog.
  • Brisc Rubal, New Edens finest Space Lawyer, and host of The Meta Show. Also holds the record for the most CSM Complaints received and answered since the CSM’s inception.
  • Tony Delancor, the man, the myth, the friend to bears and seals. Savior of our Tuna Fleet, nicest guy you’ll ever meet in an MMO in the entirety of human existence.
  • Klavas, who spends his time lurking and observing like an evil Santa Claus who brings up all your wrong doings on Saturday Space Meetings. Never appears on stream.
  • The KarmaFleet Recruitment team. A dedicated band of fine men and women that a Fortune 50 company would love to have run their show only fuck you they’re ours keep walking or Innominate will bludgeon you with his probiscis.
  • Trainer Aer and his river boat captain outfit of destiny. Like Rick Astley, he will never give you up, never let you down, but if you’re an apple keyboard, he’ll break you in two and chuck you right into the goddamn drink you mechanical monstrosity.
  • Cheese steak Sandwiches
  • Tachy and the Wee Woo Wagon of Well Wishing

Things you’ll never find in KarmaFleet in the KarmaFleet Discord

  • The Imperium’s Titan Shop
  • The Imperium LP Store
  • Dark Shines and his typewriter
  • Colton Mccune posting in Public
  • A bad Srsli or Aidana Forwell video.

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