Things Ross July will invite you to.

Our dapper man about Delve, Ross July is such a pal. When People Magazine voted him “Most Friendly Recruiter in New Eden” from 2021 to 2023″, they did so because the results clearly showed that Ross July will invite you to any and all events with relish. Here is a list of things he’ll invite you to:

  • His Birthday Party
  • His Bowling League’s “Perfect Game” Award Ceremony
  • To his boat for an afternoon at the lake with Tom Selleck and Greg Kinnear
  • To an afternoon of Golf and mixed drinks with John Daly
  • To his Garage Sale where he’s got over 1000 VHS Tapes including Disney and a rare copy of Waynes World. Buy 5 tapes for $15!
  • To a night of lazer tag at the Tony Delancor World Championship Arena in Toronto Canada
  • Mountain Climbing with Goonswarm’s very own DaBigRedBoat
  • A Baseball Game with Broodin and SkyMarshellow JoJo
  • To Taylor Swifts Eras Tour with Pari Shana, her #1 Fan
  • KarmaFleet itself. But you need to check your email.

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