The Bernie Blops a Train Robbery

In 2016, a KarmaFleet pilot named Bernie planned for 3 months a BLOPS operation, in which they tracked down the location of a Pandemic Horde Rorqual Mining ring.

Countless hours were spent watching the PH Pocket system with cloaked alts logged out at random intervals to throw off PH Intel channels.

Finally the time was right, and Bernie, Markonius Porkbutte and Faud all got ready to sneak dreads into the system and eliminate 8 Rorquals that would be lightly defended by an AFK group of rental landlords.

Covert Cyno Lit, the three jumped into system and through a mysterious twist of fate they found themselves not in EVE Online, but aboard a train in 1855 being robbed the infamous Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen. Seeing the thug about to pistol whip a man who hesitated giving up his wallet, Bernie jumped into action and charged forward and punched Tannen in the jaw with a wild haymaker. “POINT” Bernie shouted aloud.

Sadly, Buford wasn’t able to balance just right as he had just been thrown from his horse due to the faulty Blacksmithing of Doc Brown and Tannen fell out the window and crashed full speed into a water tower and fell to the ground.

Markonious Porkbutte, looking out the window at a collapsed Tannen, and his gang fleeing in terror out the back of the train, shrugged his shoulders, pointed at the wreckage of the water tower and said “Web?”.

Using their advanced knowledge of technology, Bernie, Porkbutte and Faud helped Doc Brown get them Back to the Future to which they emerged from the Delorean right back into Drone Lands and using gun-slinging and kung-fu skills gained in 1855, easily took down the eight Rorquals.

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