Texas Space Law

Did a lowsec pirate kill your ship and pod, then warp off while shouting bad words in local? Have you been the victim of a mining permit scam?

Did some mean Nullsec pilot insult your mother?

Were you suspended from Rampage Inc by Merkelchen for no reason whatsoever?

Then you’ve found the right place, for Texas Space Law is New Eden’s premier Space Law Firm! With offices in 1DQ1-A, Delve, Foves, and Yulai we are poised and ready to cyno in and save you from evil dooers, scammers, and any other type of jackass that plagues the space lanes. Where Goonswarm has Beehive, you now have…


Meet Your New Space Lawyers

Brisc Rubal

Brisc Rubal received his law degree from the School of Applied Knowledge in YC127 and before joining Texas Space Law, practiced in and around Jita where he cut his teeth on Hypernet scam recovery. To date, he has helped victims of scammers recover over 19 Trillion ISK.

He is also the President and CEO of The Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers and when not wearing a suit and tie, he prefers to fly polarized Bombers with his friend Merkelchen in their never ending quest to rid New Eden of Player Owned Starbases.

Brisc’s primary office is in 1DQ1-A in Delve, where he manages the firms Alliance and Corporate Law unit.

Wade Ambraelle

Wade Ambraelle graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Center for Advanced Studies in YC169 with a dual major in both Law, and Diplomacy. “I always wanted to cum laude in a 69, so I now have a piece of paper showing I actually did” were the final words from his Valedictorian speech to his graduating class.

Wade keeps offices in Foves where he manages the firms Legal Research and Investigations unit, with his trusty Agents BigBillTheBoss and Grath Telkin.


Issabella graduated at the top of her class in YC163 from the State War Academy’s school of Combat Law. Afterwards she served CONCORD as a Capsuleer Public Defender in Yulai where she maintained a 900 to 5 win loss record against overzealous gate guns and CONCORD law enforcement agents.

She currently has an office in 1DQ1-A where she handles the firm’s Criminal Defense Unit.

Current Availability

Our firm is currently taking clients! If you or somebody you know is in need of Texas Space Law, reach out to us today!

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