Tetrakill Truths

Some simple truths about our boy Tetrakill, leader of Podsarm.

He had to buy his own gym

Tetrakill is banned from all 2,400 Planet Fitness locations in the US, as each time he opens the front door regardless of location or state, “The Jock Jam Megamix” begins to play over the speaker system in every business of that strip mall.

It once got so loud that a car’s window shattered two blocks away at the Taco Bell Drive through.

It is estimated by the Utah Attorney General that in that state alone, the song blasting over the speaker system at any location he walks into, results in $4,200 in medical bills from over extensions and exhaustion from heightened exercise during the 3 minutes, 18 seconds of the song, the root cause being Tetrakills charisma.

He once got out of a real pickle….

In 2010 Tetrakill was shopping at his local Wegmans, when an armed robber began shouting and waving a gun around. While the rest of the customers cowered in horror, Tetrakill calmly walked over to the pickle isle, grabbed a jar, and with an NFL Quarterbackers accuracy and skill, threw it across 3 isles, and blapped the robber in the head causing him to collapse in a heap and his ill gotten cash recovered by the police when they arrived 3 minutes later.

About a year later he published a autobiography of the event titled “The Art of the Dill”.

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