Single Moms Expose Pandemic Horde’s “Superior Train”.

In a stunning turn of events this afternoon, The Imperiums Dapper CEO Asher Aslan Elias revealed in his weekly Imperium Fireside Chat, that an eight month and twenty-three-day long spy operation conducted via Goonswarms Black Hand agents within The Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers working at a local Denny’s had concluded and he shared curated details of “Operation Moons Over My Hammy” to the greater Goonswarm.

The many plated operation had Black Hand Agents Grand Slam and Super Bird had listening to Horde Heroes Johnny, Securitas, Hedliner and Deveron discussing their plans over late night snacks and sodas at Americas Favorite Diner. The Agents became concerned when the four would have laptops out and graph paper with calculators covering two tables, discussing something in hushed whispers they called “Project Nova” in which they would unveil to Pandemic Horde their new Rokh Doctrine called “Superior Train”.

The idea allegedly came to them when Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Bands “Like A Rock” was piped over the in-house sound system one night while they poured over pancakes and zkill.

The four labored for many months of Fridays to create this explosive new plan to counter Goonswarms lead FC’s progodlegend and Alterari Phoenix, who often teamed up under the eagle’s eye view of Asher Aslan Elias. The trio had been lunch countering anything Gobbins could throw at them.

“We would never have had this information had Hedliner only tipped his waitstaff $5 for a 3 hour and over $100 Denny’s Tab on a regular basis” Asher would state.

“The four started this plan because they had heard Tummy Rumbling Rumors that Alterari and Zintage argue daily about Rokh fits and wanted to take advantage of what they felt was a hole in Goonswarms Armor fleet. These rumors were untrue and just faked Elysium conversations to weed out Horde Spies” confirmed notorious spymaster HyprViper.

While the fog of war has yet to be lifted on how exactly Gobbins will use this masterful “Superior Train” doctrine in Pocvhven or beyond, its effects have been blunted courtesy of the Grand Slamwhich of Goonswarms Black Hand, The Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers, and Asher Aslan Elias’s cool and calm leadership.

This reporter sought out comments from Brisc Rubal, President and CEO of the Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers however KarmaFleet CEO Merkelchen reached out to inform us that Brisc had been suspended and could not comment.

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