Sarin, the Angry, Hipster Jesus

Despite his frequently loud and veracious protests about how much work is involved in nearly anything he does for KarmaFleet, Sarin without a doubt is one of the most dedicated and caring people involved in the largest EVE Corp in history.

Ask him for Discord help and he’ll grumble. If you ask him for help with a sig, he’ll get mad. Ask him to mediate a dispute and he’ll simply show up to the discussion table with two cans of Pepsi and a fire extinguisher; for sure he’ll put that fire out by beating the two of you with it, but he’ll want you to have a nice cold soda first.

Sarin is KarmaFleet’s Angry Hipster Space Jesus. While preaching his sermon atop the Keepstar in M-2, he threw loaves of bread and chunks of fish at pilots faster than a Faction torpedo from a Purifier at the people in attendance who came to the defense fleet hungry versus going to Taco Bell beforehand.

Despite the bruises and slight dip in shields from the balls of sourdough and tilapia, we all learned from him that day as he fed us both sustenance and knowledge.

Such is Sarin, as it will always be.

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