Sarin hates you and kicked you from Discord. No, not really.

If you are seeing this message, it is because you were removed from Discord by Sarin. Earlier today he went to Chuck E Cheese for his nephews birthday party and when he went to play Time Cop 2, a kids mother threw a piece of pizza at him and shouted “SILLY SARIN, TIME COP 2 IS FOR KIDS”.

Now it needs to be stated Sarin had had a bad week all around. It’s not easy when you’re as freaking cool as he is. It may be 110 degree’s in his state but Sarin is so cool that when he enters a room, all the glasses with water immediately have ice-cubes form.

Anyway in the time it took me to write this story, and the time it took you to read this story you could have added your discord info into KF’s Auth. If you’d done that you’d not have been kicked from Member Zones within discord and are now reading this.

So, add your discord info to KF’s auth and you’ll be restored to full member glory!

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