Ross July’s Award for Awesomeness

Each month, a very studious Ross July scours New Eden for worthy capsuleers to win his “Award for Awesomeness”.

This decoration is won via acts of kindness, courage, and represents the pinnacle of pilot hood. Past winners have gone on to become FleetCommanders, Alliance Leaders, and crew members for Tony Delancors TunaFleet.

2024 Winners

January – Pari Shana: Helped a 90 year old grandmother change her tire at the X-7 Jump Gate in the middle of a dread fight. She escaped unscathed, while simultaneously getting top damage on Brisc Rubal’s 5B ISK pod.

February – Johanna Cellsplitter: Hopped onto a cow at the BRHHUM ranch and charged towards a coyote, waving a stout stick like the magical sword Excalibur. The coyote was trying to attack one of our livestock llama’s. The Llama was the 4H project for one of the kids of a single mother at the ranch. His courage and quick thinking saved the llama and the kids grade.

March – Sarina Blackfist: Pinged the entirety of the KarmaFleet Discord to announce that the roles bot was working. Took the ire of people long unpinged, and the confusion of newbee’s who had no roles and turned it all into the glory of role having and middle finger waving. Their sacrifice to the discord gods will go down in KarmaFleet history as a labor worthy of Hercules.

April – Brayden Intaki: Became a brand ambassador to The Gap for The Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers Alpaca Fur clothing brand. They were able to place our gloves into 300 stores nation wide, to be completed by Q2 2024. The anticipated sales of which will top 1.2 Million Dollars after they were also listed on the Amazon Store.

May – Prue Ormand for getting exactly 1 damage on this Killmail which is incredibly more damage than Voltran did after 5 years of being a traitor.

June – Angry Mustache for finally putting fresh batteries in his smoke detector.

July – Ross July, for being The #1 Ross July, in July.

August – Jac Dracon for breaking up a Baptist protest at the University of Arizona by handing the lead preacher a pink Umbrella, stealing his megaphone and shouting aloud “IF YOU’RE GOING TO THROW SHADE AT PEOPLE USE THIS UMBRELLA”.

September – Trainer Aer for causing drama with a LAWN member over PVE.

October – Fsync for resurrecting a 4-month-old Kill Mail and trying to top Trainer Aer’s drama.

November – Dan the Dragon Tatoo wielding Paramedic who frustrates Steven the Wizard at their LARP group by using 3 pool noodles painted brown as a tree trunk and smashes hurled tennis balls that Steven throws while shouting “LIGHTNING BOLT”, into a park 1 mile away and then goes home to read “A Brief History of Time” by Steven Hawking because Dan the Man knows Brawn is nothing without Brains.