Ross July and his Magical MIDI Mastery

If you are a child of the 80’s or grew up in the early 90’s you most certainly heard WHAM’s “Everything she wants” on the radio, or perhaps via a vinyl record, cassette tape, or an early CD-ROM. This was prior to the internet, and up until this point “Electronic” music was in the early stages of MIDI sound exploration. Most samples were of 8bit or lesser quality, certainly robotic sounding. The full synth experience had not been invented yet.

That was, until Ross July arrived on scene.

At the time, Ross July was the director of youth football refereeing for his local Under 18 city league. He was in the middle of typing up a roster when the wind chimes out his window began to create chords with the “DING” of his typewriters carriage return warning.

After about 25 pages of typing, he began to feel a rhythm and so he rushed out to his local Tandy Electronics and purchased a digital keyboard, a MIDI add-on and the rest is history.

So now you know the 100% true tale of how the iconic, never before heard synthetic sound that was used to create the first opening chords of this song came to be!

An entire decade of musical expression and creation, all possible courtesy of Ross July!

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