Mind1 Saves The Guitar Center

Mind1 once stopped a robbery at the Guitar Center while looking at replacement headphones before a gig.

The Imperium Wax Spinner made local news in 2018 when he heard loud shouting and screaming coming from the front counter and observed two men with guns forcing the clerk to hand over cash.

While most would have hid behind the racks of sheet music, or a drum set, Mind1 is made of much tougher stuff. Collecting a series of Zildjian Cymbal packs, he snuck up and began hurling them at one gunman like Captain America, whereupon another patron threw drumsticks. While the two of them held off the one with Hi-Hat’s and Crash’s, another patron hurled a Korg MIDI mixer, knocking the second gunman unconscious.

By the time the police got there 2 minutes later, they found the unconscious gunman tied up with mic cords and the other one disarmed but perilously covered with cymbals and penned in with drumsticks and mic stands by the previously panicked Guitar Center employees while our man Mind1 scratched out a remix of “Another one bites the dust” on the Pioneer display, testing his new headphones.

After being cleared from the scene by the police, he exited the store with his new headphones, to the applause of the shopping center guests and staffers who’d been evacced by police.

He even made it to the gig on time.

While true PAPI should fear Mister Vee, they should also not underestimate the Battle Bard of Destiny.

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