Merkelchen’s Mart

Remember when your parents would take you camping way way deep in the country woods, and you’d find that old Country store that sold Pepsi in a glass, ice cold from a fridge that whirred. You could find Honey Sticks, 10 for a dollar, A&W Rootbear Gum, action figures and stickers?

Your dad would give you each $5 and you’d rush in, and with glee buy toys and treats while he and mom bought lunch?

Then you’d all sit outside while the cicadas treated you to an orchestra in between the trucks passing the picnic table at the park and enjoy your treats and lunch.

Or perhaps your dad left your mom like a dark chocolate gobbling jackass, and it took the Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers to help you both get on your feet, armed educated and trained to fight the patriarchy?

Either way , rebuild those summer trip memories with a visit to….

Merkelchens Mart!

Merkelchen’s Mart can be found about just outside of Kane PA. Take 321 North just outside town and merge onto Dwight Road, then take your first right about 100 yards later.

You’ll see a sign with Freddy the Wonder dog and CEO of Rampage Inc out front. Ample parking in rear!

Merkelchen’s Mart is not only a convenience store with the standard compliment of snacks and soda, as well as necessary supplies for any road trip, it also serves as a fruit stand for local growers!

Currently in season are Apples, Peaches, Plums, and Honey from the Brisc Rubal Home for Hot Unwed Mothers orchards.

Fruit so fresh you’ll slap yourself faster than Gobbins will kick people seeking a change of scenery!

Try some of our fresh made Beef Jerky! Now in Heidi Hickory Smoked flavor!

Don’t forget to buy your favorite pet some Leia’s Loveable Treats! Now for Cats, Dogs, Iguana’s and Parrots!

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