Leaks Leaks Everywhere!

Given that there was no CSM Summit in 2021, several members of the CSM Agreed to meet up in Maine for a few days to have some drinks, some meals, and take in the nice summer sun.

CSM Members attending were Gobbins, Vily, Merkelchen, and Brisc Rubal.

While they were there on the beach, they saw that you could rent a yacht for only $150 a day. Brisc having been a sailor, and Merkcelchen who owns a fishing boat opted to be co captains. They all chipped in, bought the day rental and took off for high adventure, CSM style.

All started out well and relaxing, but an hour into the cruise Vily noticed that water was coming up from the floorboards in the third guest bedroom. While not severe, it was alarming. Brisc quickly turned the yacht around to get back to shore but the water began getting worse and worse.

Merkelchen, declaring a state of emergency shot the flare gun into the sky after complaining that it was not polarized all the while trying to talk like sheriff Bufford T Justice into the marine radio asking for help. Gobbins and Vily were bailing as fast as they could.

The situation was dire. Boat was taking on water. Merkclehen was talking to a man on the beach calling him a “sumbich” every other word and yelling about some guy named “Bandit” and Brisc was trying to plot a course to safety however the Yacht was not going to make it.

All seemed lost until out of a passing helicopter, CCP Swift parachuted onto the deck in a James Bond spy outfit and jumped overboard and began applying Flex Tape to seal the leak.

Boat stabilized; they were towed to the shore by the Coast Guard after Gobbins managed to talk Merkelchen off bogarting the Marine Radio so he could call for help. Everyone stood around Swift with applause and the five of them were treated to an excellent Red Lobster lobster feast later that night where CCP Rattati yelled about how krabs were all assholes who refused to play the game as he wanted them to.

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