Kathy Iron Achieves Nacho’s V

Kathy Iron is so well versed at PVP he saved Brisc Rubals life with a plate of Nachos.

Our newest CSM Member saved Briscs life at Blizzcon in 2006. They’d met at a Nickleback concert in 2005 and during the intermission between the opening act,and the smooth silky voice of Chad Kroeger talking about Photographs, they hit it off about gaming, especially World of Warcraft.

So it turns out Kathy’s in a Guild, and is good pals with Merkelchen, the GM. Brisc gets invited in and their guild spent the year learning PVP with a focus on Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. Over time they had a very competitive rivalry with another Alliance PVP Team with whom they were trading points here and there for the Grand Marshall title via hotly contested wins/losses.

The Guild had decided to let Brisc get the title that season, and he was only a few matches away. Due to his shift at the Doctor Pepper factory, he wasn’t able to log in till the evening late one week and sadly was a bit behind.

As luck would have it, Kathy Iron was on his alt at the time and managed to log into the same queue as thier rivals and played dumb and threw the match for them a few times until Brisc could login and their preform met up.

Brisc was unaware of this at the time but courtesy of the three matches that Kathy Iron threw, meant that all Brisc had to do was win 4 matches to get the title at the end of the season, which he did readily.

So around comes Blizzcon that year, and the guild had meet up in their Servers Meet Me Room, and there this very angry looking dude reading people’s names tags. It turned out it was the guy they had denied the Grand Marshall title. He saw Brisc’s tag, and then began running towards Brisc with a steel chair shouting profanity.

The whole room scatters in terror, Brisc is running around the room in circles trying to dodge this would be WWE superstar who wants to give him a chair shot to the face.

Sarin was shouting in the hallway for security, Merkelchen was hiding behind a fake plant trying to get it all in video on the then potato cellphone and all hope was lost.

Then, out of nowhere we all hear this voice shout “WHAT IN THE NAME THE MITTANI’S SQUIRREL IS GOING ON IN HERE”.

Kathy Iron had arrived. 

Quickly, Kathy hurled his plate of nacho’s at the dude and hit him square in the face. The guy tripped and fell and began crying and howling about how unfair it all was.

Brisc is out of breath, Merkelchen is laughing uproariously in the corner behind the plant, and then Klavas waltzes in and says “What the hell is on this Joey’s head?”, pointing to the now wig of cheese, chips,and jalapenos.

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