KarmaFleet Ammunition Creation

Many of you in the #public channel may be curious as to how KarmaFleet makes ammunition for it’s members to go forth and bring chaos and strife to New Eden. This FAQ will seek to answer those questions in a step by step guide.

First, Dynex Charger organizes his vast network of Planetary Interaction Specialists and gives them work orders for the week.

Simultaneously, KarmaFleet’s mining crew led by Cerym Ozuwara and Divinus Falcone pickup the Asteroid Commodity work order outlined by master industrialist’s Hari Lindberg, Aras Antollare and Sarah Bjorndottir.

Combined, these teams gather resources, which are them stockpiled in KarmaFleets home of 39P-1J ready for assignment.

The industrialist team then begins creating contracts on the Merkelchen Mart that contain each races ammo BPC by type, and the required construction materials needed to make enough to fill a ship’s cargo hold.

Members will then pickup their contracts of the ships they are building, and then proceed to build their ammo in the glorious industrial Valhalla that is KarmaFleets home system.

Once the ammo is built, it is then stockpiled in 39-P awaiting a Shirtless Merkelchen to pour Big Wave Golden Ale, the finest beer in New Eden over the endless station containers of ammo, while Brisc Rubal reads a select chapter of the Mistborn Trilogy over the stockpile, blessing it for use in battle.

It should be noted the average cost of this blessing is over $420.69 in Big Wave 12 packs.

Finally, assorted random samples of each ammo type are given to Trainer Aer to see if he can break the USB Connection. If he is unable to break the ammo with his keyboard and or throw it out into the ocean enraged, the ammo is then distributed to the members for use under the watchful eyes of Johnny Candles and Chloridane.

So the next time you look at the KarmaFleet killboard, you know more of the behind the scenes efforts to make those kills a reality.

Want to take part in this glorious process? Apply Today!

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