Fun SniperEagle1 Facts

He’s so chill…

Sniper Eagle once had to lead a defense fleet during the Beeitnam War using a Dell Latitude laptop and the free Wifi from Dairy Queen after his car broke down on the way home from the office.

Due to his success, when Delve was rebuilt GSF’s capital system was chosen to be 1DQ1-A in honor of the One Dairy Queen that some of his fleet members will make the pilgrimage to, even 2 years later.

He can fly all the ships in EVE Online, and learned how to fly a plane in the 7th grade..

While SniperEagle1 has more skill points than some CCP Employees, his greatest achievement was landing a plane in the 7th grade. Years of eye hand coordination playing Starfox on the SuperNintendo allowed for SniperEagle to flawlessly land the 747 after a drop in cabin pressure knocked all the adults in the plane unconscious.

He kicks a lot of Bass…

He got his pilots license at 17, but decided to major in music in college and accidentally invented grunge music while busking outside a Starbucks and was seen by Chad Channing and Kurt Cobain who then using the musical context of Sniper’s playing, formed Nirvana.

He’s not only an FC, but he’s a teacher!

Blending his love of Music and Airplanes, he excels in EVE Online as a Goonswarm FC, but he also taught notable Canadian bard Chad Kroeger how to play Piano and Harmonica. You can’t blame him for Nickleback however.

He defeated a moose in single combat…

One time while in the wild Alaskan forest, he was teaching one of Alterari’s Divorced Cougars how to play the flute, a life long dream of hers when out of the treeline came an angry moose, upset at the discordant noises.

SniperEagle, realizing he had to act fast, grabbed the flute from his student and wielding it like a long sword, fenced the moose to a standstill. As the moose began to charge for it’s final assault, SniperEagle raised the flute to the sky in a guard position and shouted “BY THE GOLDEN MANE OF ASHER ASLAN ELIAS, YOU SHALL NOT PASS”.

This thunderous battle cry, and Sharp flutesword skills had won the day. The moose fled without further attacks.

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