El Bee The War Hero

Top 8 El Bee Facts

El Bee was driving through Stockton CA once time in 1997 and stopped to buy gas. The gang bangers in their car saw him and his mustache, and one turned to the other and said “man, fuck this drug running. I’m joining the Canadian Military”.

El Bee’s Mustache sets off the warning horn in drive through car washes just by the virtue of their 3D Image on the Car Wash sensors.

El Bee’s once wore his black belt in Karate with a suit to a Job Interview and the CEO gave him the job on the spot out of fear of El Bee’s hands.

El Bee once fly fished off the rim of the Grand Canyon and caught a demon possessed Killer Whale. Swapping his fishing pole for a Bible and a Magical Staff, he ejected the Demon and paid Fed Ex $19,000 dollars to ship the whale to the Oregon Coast to return it to its natural habitat.

El Bee’s mustache has an EVE Account with enough skill points to fly a Titan. Between 2019 and 2023 the mustache earned 17 Killmarks.

El Bee can tame a moose with his voice, and interpretive dance.

El Bee is the only man in Canada who can win a hockey argument without a fist fight ensuing.

El Bee has earned more LP in Faction Warfare than Jack Black sold in the movie “High Fidelity”

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