Dunk Dinkle and the SharePoint of Destiny

In 2007, prior to being the Executive Producer of TV Reboots of Hawaii Five-0 and MTV’s “Cribs”, Dunk Dinkle worked as a Product Development Specialist for Microsoft, where he was assigned to lead the team that eventually was tasked with making Microsoft SharePoint, an answer to Google’s “Workspace” product.

Despite Dunk’s clear preference for a strong hierarchical file structure and clearly defined Meta Data tagging in addition to clear product definitions, he was over ruled by Steve Balmer who wanted a product to be as chaotic as his yelling was during the release of Windows 95 by throwing so many features into it and using Microsoft Teams as the interface to them all that Dunk’s team almost did not meet their deadlines.

The product was launched successfully however due to Dunk Dinkles determination and leadership skill but to his dismay, the only bonus that Microsoft gave his team was a Floppy Disk installation of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack, and to add insult to injury, the floppy disk (#5) that contained the classic hit “Jezzball” was missing from everyone’s box set.

In disgust, he switched from Software, to Television and the rest is history.

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