Divinius Falcone Assteroid Mining

With AI and ChatGTP, the future is now. Within the last year we have seen McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Denny’s have replaced low paid employees with AI powered solar Robots and Microsoft Surface Tablets. A lawyer successfully defended a case in the Supreme court. You can subscribe to an AI Girlfriend/Boyfriend service rendering Tinder obsolete.

Now, we plan to use Hot Unwed Mothers into space. Using catapults.

As you can see from our patent pending plan, we will send Hot Single Moms over the moon courtesy of Innominate’s Arch AI Linux, powered by The Imperiums Raspaceberry PI to plot course and power needed for launch.

This will allow the resident Hot Single Moms to go into outer space and mine Assteroids for resources; Our plan is a 50/50 profit share with all employees and 100% hazard pay rate. Unlike our competitor ExpoSol we have collected over $25 in plywood and plastic from Home Depot and over $900 in rubber bands from Staples to build our launch module.

Stay tuned for the future! Our first planned launch will be 4/1/25.

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