Broodin saves IHOP

In 1997, Broodin was working as a line cook at IHOP. Paid poorly but man needed to earn for college!

A biker gang had walked in and began to harass the waitress who begun to cry in fear. They then began to try and rob the people eating breakfast and encountering all of this after having exited the cold storage, Broodin had had enough. Gathering up a few platters and what food was on the counter, he calculated his counter attack.

The double doors of the kitchen swinging open like those of a Wild West era bar, and out came Broodin. Armed with nothing more than a platter of pancakes, he began hurling them with the strength of an Olympic discus thrower. The IHOP went quiet except the sounds of THWAP, THWAP, THAWP, which was pancakes hitting the Bikers in the face. The Bikers fell back upon the doughy assault.

Batter beaten and syrup soaked, they were trapped in the lobby by a platter wielding Broodin and a Hashbrown holding waitress. As the police wee woo’ed up, a cat snuck into the IHOP and began eating the weaponized flapjacks on the ground while the bikers were carted away. Thus pancake cat was born, and Broodin, had saved IHOP.

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