Asher Elias announces that Ross July is now the Executive Director of Cats, Marmots, UwU

Today on Goonswarms weekly “Fireside” chat with his members, Goonswarm’s Glorious Leader Asher “Aslan” Elias announced that after months of contemplation and consideration he was promoting KarmaFleets Director of Human Resources, to Goonswarms Executive Director of Cats, Marmots, UwU.

“Ross is just the man for this job. He loves cats, he loves bee’s, he loves all of us, and he’s likely the nicest person in the entirety of New Eden. It came with no surprise this appointment was made without one no vote by the entirety of the Goonswarm Directorate”.

Reporters attempted to get in touch with Ross July but the CSPA fee was to high.

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