7 Ross July Fun Facts

#7: Disney Loves him

TRON LiteCycle’s special effects were conceived after a ILF exec watched Ross July at an ice skating arena wearing reflective clothing

#6: He’s faster than you

Ross July is the only man who worked for Pizza Hut in the 80’s without a single violation of their “Delivery in 30 minutes or less or it’s free” policy.

#5: He’s so Sweet

Ross July is 200% sweeter than Pepsi but contains 0 of its calories. He’s so sweet that while visiting the UK, Mandy Moore saw him playing football in a park became so entranced she wrote her #1 hit single “Candy” after having a Ross July Lucid Dream at her hotel later on that day.

#4: He inspires poetry

In the “Hey Diddle Diddle” nursery rhyme by fabled author “Mother Goose” the line “The cow jumped over the moon” was only because Ross July picked up the cow and jumped over it himself in an effort to invent the Milk Shake.

She of course witnessed this in a telescope, and wrote the rhyme.

#3: He’s got talents

Unlike your local cocaine dealer, Ross July has three Grammy’s

#2: He’s a PVP Champion

Ross July once slapped so much ass in PVP that CCP Soundwave collected all the audio samples, combined them, added some reverb and echo and thus the auto-cannon in game sound affect was born

#1 He’s friends with the Ghost of Steve Jobs

Ross July never needs to run Windows Updates. Steve Jobs comes out to his house each month to run them for him while Ross July plays tennis in his backyard with Ariana Grande

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